Zetron is a subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation. For over 30 years, Zetron has been designing, developing, manufacturing and implementing mission-critical communications solutions for public safety, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and business applications throughout the world. Zetron has installed thousands of systems and deployed over 20,000 console operator positions worldwide. The scope and success of these projects demonstrate the performance, effectiveness, robustness, and reliability of Zetron's products.

Zetron's wide range of communication solutions include:

Custom systemsIntegrated communication-and-control systems (ICCS) Radio dispatch consolesEmergency call-taking systemsPaging infrastructureTrunked radioWireless SCADA and remote-monitoring products

MAX Dispatch

Zetron’s new MAX Dispatch gives you the solid reliability and performance you expect from Zetron in a breakthrough, IP-based dispatch console system.

Product Features

  • Intelligent UI: Highlights information pertinent to the task at hand; reduces information overload.

  • Built-in Network Health Monitor: Provides constant feedback about network status.

  • Advanced tools: Streamline installation and minimize field time.

  • Dual connections: Ensure end-to-end network redundancy.


The DCS-5020 is designed to meet the needs of small integrated control rooms that combine radio and telephony interfaces. Combining telephony with digital or analogue radio control, it supports up to 30 channels and fifteen screen-based operator consoles. DCS-5020 meets a range of professional demands in the public safety, transportation, utility and private industry sectors.

Specific applications include mobile command, small control rooms and TETRA fallback systems. An architecture of distributed processing, with no central switch provides flexibility and scalability, delivering the high resilience demanded by these mission-critical applications.

The DCS-5020 includes Selcall (5-Tone), Digital Input/Outputs, and audio delay. The product is further strengthened by a range of technical requirements, building on the previous release and taking account of customer feedback.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Customizable console screen presentation to suit customer application
  • One to fifteen operators
  • Wireless connection to TETRA infrastructure provides fallback capability
  • Easy to use screen-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Wide variety of audio and radio interface options

Model 30 World Patch

The Model 30 World Patch is a low cost open channel telephone interconnect designed for installation on a simplex radio.  The Model 30 is an ideal way to add telephone interconnect to simplex radio systems for low power in-plant applications. Its low cost and simple operation make it well suited to applications in smaller radio systems.  APO (advanced programming operation) provides 50 autodials, automatic autodial via 4-click PTT, landline security code for direct air access, FET relay, and other features.

Product Features and Configuration

  • One telephone line input
  • Simplex or half-duplex
  • Fully remote-programmable via DTMF radio or telephone
  • Sampling and VOX modes
  • Repeat audio capability converts a full-duplex radio into a single-user repeater
  • Digital voice delay available
  • Selective calling available for 2-tone and DTMF paging
  • Dial-up remote operation from telephone

Model 35 Telephone Interconnect

The Model 35A Microconnect is a multi-featured, microprocessor-based telephone interconnect designed for use with simplex, half-duplex and fullduplex radio networks. It gives mobile radio users an exceptionally reliable and flexible method of placing and receiving phone calls.  System operators will benefit from the Model 35A’s flexibility; its user-programmable features make it a “customized” phone patch that adapts to any system’s specific needs. Programming is done quickly and easily from any DTMF telephone or mobile radio.

The Microconnect is designed for system operators who want complete control over their telephone interconnect system. Call lengths, access codes, and toll inhibits can all be tailored so phone connections never violate system regulations. If desired, an operator can allow trusted users to override calling restrictions with “Privileged User” access codes.

Product Features and Configuration

  • For use with simplex, half-duplex, and fullduplex radio networks
  • Regenerated DTMF or pulse dialing
  • VOX & sampling combined for optimal simplex operation
  • Microprocessor-based; nonvolatile system parameters
  • Programmable mobile and telco access/disconnect codes
  • Programmable Toll Inhibit and Call Time Limit

Model 735 Radio Teleconnect

The Model 735 Radio Teleconnect patches simplex, half and full-duplex radio systems to the telephone network. Calls from radio to telephone are made using DTMF keypads or microphones fitted to the radios. Calls from the telephone system to radio are made by calling over an open radio channel, or by selectively calling individual radios using 5-tone, 2-tone or DTMF signaling. CE Approved. Optional voice prompts, call logging. 

Product Features and Configuration

  • Radio to telephone interconnect for PABX or public subscriber line connection
  • Direct access to telephone
  • Installs on simplex or duplex base stations and repeaters
  • Compatible with simplex or duplex mobile or handportable radios
  • 2-tone (Quickcall II), 5-tone (EEA, CCIR, ZVEI), and DTMF selective calling
  • PC-programmable, direct/remotely with built-in modem
  • User-definable access code
  • Optional user-recordable voice prompts
  • Optional dial click decoder for pulse telephone systems
  • Optional digital voice delay for enhanced simplex operation
  • Enhanced dial-out restrictions per user/system
  • Optional call details logging for up to 400 records
  • 99 autodial telephone numbers
  • Conversation timers

M37 Repeater Control

The RepeaterMan is ideal for any radio system requiring repeater control for one or two user groups. The RepeaterMan converts any duplex capable radio into a repeater and is an excellent method of creating a CTCSS controlled repeater from two mobile radios.

The RepeaterMan includes carrier repeat control, programmable courtesy beeps, system timers and remote programming.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Two field-programmable CTCSS tones
  • Remote programming via DTMF
  • May be installed on existing single-user repeater
  • Can create a repeater out of a full-duplex-capable radio

M37-MAX Repeater Panel

The Model 37-Max is a community repeater panel that provides for a high number of users (50 CTCSS, 104 DCS) at the lowest possible cost. All programming is performed using DTMF over the radio channel. Include cross-tone encoding, reverse-tone mode, transmit time-out, ToneLock high-performance decoding and squelch-tail elimination.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Low-cost tone panel
  • 154 dispatch users
  • Remote programmable by DTMF radio
  • Morse ID (periodic or activity based)
  • Transmission cutoff timer
  • Reserved tone/code feature

M38A Repeater Tone Panel

The Model 38A is a microprocessor-based repeater tone panel that can be remote-programmed to eliminate time-consuming trips to remote repeater sites. To improve sensitivity, the Model 38A contains ToneLock, a special decoding circuit that holds onto a radio’s subaudible tone even when receiver quieting drops as low as 1 to 3 dB SINAD.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Choice of 38 CTCSS/22 DCS or 50 CTCSS/18 DCS
  • RS-232 port for local or remote programming via PC
  • Remote-programmable by DTMF radio
  • Airtime accumulation with optional PC program for invoicing

Model 250

Zetron’s Model 250 adapts to most EIA-standard base station radios so they can be controlled by a desktop remote.  Multiple channel selection for up to fifteen frequencies, up to six control outputs, and monitor and transmit (PTT) make the Model 250 Tone Remote Adapter a powerful unit.  Twelve preset configurations of channel combinations, control outputs, and monitor functions make the Model 250 simple to install and easy to use.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Automatic line loss compensation
  • Up to six control outputs; two relays
  • Integrated setup utilities