Global Communications is the sole supplier of the Rohill TetraNode in South Africa and Africa.

TetraNode, manufactured by ROHILL, is an IP based system and is a 100% compliant TETRA system featuring a multi-protocol air interface capability and is based on a digital backbone of interconnected TetraNode eXchanges (TNX). The system architecture is proven in practice and systems are scalable from single site to nationwide. The effort for setting up a TetraNode system is minimal. It utilises "plug & play" functionality enabling rapid network rollout. TetraNode uses distributed and multi level network management. 

Each TetraNode eXchange  is capable of serving 256 voice channels over max. and up to 16 base station sites. Each base station site offers interconnectivity to PABX/PSTN. Connections between a site and a TetraNode eXchange are digital, using V.11, ISDN or G.703. For larger systems TNX Compact PCI is used for up to 16320 base stations.
TetraNode is especially designed for digital radio trunking network applications in the safety and security related market. It includes a full range of redundancy and fallback features essential for this specific market segment. 
The TetraNode Network Management System (NMS) tool, a Windows client-server application that may connect to the nearest TetraNode eXchange, allows for total network or partial provider access.


TETRA Terminals

Global Communications is a supplier of the Sepura TETRA Terminals.

Sepura designs and develops digital radios for the Emergency Services, Military, Transport and Utilities, and other commercial sectors. Sepura is based in Cambridge, UK, and has an international network of distributors supplying customers in over 60 countries worldwide.

Sepura offers the largest and most comprehensive range of TETRA terminals. Its products are available across the entire spectrum of TETRA frequency bands and operate on all manufacturers' infrastructures.  Manufactured by Siemens, the range comprises vehicle-mounted and hand portable radios, including the world's first hand portable to offer a fully-integrated and ultra-sensitive GPS receiver.

Terminals Insight

STP 9200 Hand Portable

A small, digital single-site solution running on DAMM's TetraFlex® platform is all you need to manage all from security to service staff. TetraFlex® is the feature rich and cost effective solution for small scale operations, easy to deploy and providing excellent coverage.

The DAMM TetraFlex® 100% IP-based platform connects all network components – including base stations, dispatchers, network management tools, external gateways and other applications – in one state-of-the-art flat distributed IP architecture. No central switch is needed. Together with our intelligent TetraFlex® software, this enables simple and smooth self-configuring site expansion – even while the TetraFlex® radio communications system is actually in operation.



Piciorgros GmbH has been successful in producing and distributing radio telemetry-controlled solutions, in particular radio and radio-modem solutions for data transmissions. Funk-Electronic Piciorgros GmbH manufactures and produces their products in Cologne, Germany. Focusing on SCADA and telemetry for TETRA and the international markets.