Global Communications is a Kenwood distributor of communications equipment for Southern and East Africa including Nigeria and a non exclusive distributor for the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, excluding Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. 

This Division also distributes Invisio bone conduction headsets and Zetron mission critical remote monitoring and control systems.
The Kenwood products distributed, include the whole range of both analogue and digital equipment covering the UHF, VHF, mid-band and HF bands. 
The distribution operations comprises two departments:

  • Domestic Sales: More than 250 active dealers

  • Export Sales: More than 90 Active dealers.

Simulcast Transceiver Solutions

Global Communications also offers a fully fledged Simulcast Transceiver Solution covering the following:

  • Low Band VHF

  • VHF AM

  • VHF FM

  • UHF

  • Transmitters

  • Receivers

  • Amplifiers

  • Duplexers

Zetron is a subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation. For over 30 years, Zetron has been designing, developing, manufacturing and implementing mission-critical communications solutions for public safety, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and business applications throughout the world. Zetron has installed thousands of systems and deployed over 20,000 console operator positions worldwide. The scope and success of these projects demonstrate the performance, effectiveness, robustness, and reliability of Zetron's products.

Zetron's wide range of communication solutions include:

Custom systems Integrated communication-and-control systems (ICCS) Radio dispatch consoles Emergency call-taking systems Paging infrastructure Trunked radio Wireless SCADA and remote-monitoring products

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